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Product #: WMU99
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The WMU99 is a wireless handheld UHF microphone with a USB powered receiver. The receiver plugs into any standard USB power port, sports a 1/8"" output and makes a great addition to any single unit speaker system with a USB input. To connect to standard 1/4"" microphone inputs, the WMU99’s USB receiver comes with a 1/8"" to 1/4"" cable. For additional connectivity the WMU99 also comes with a 1/8"" to 1/8"" cable that enables connection to computers and other devices without standard microphone input ports.

For maximum freedom, the WMU99 boasts an impressive wireless range of 150 ft. In addition, the WMU99’s wireless USB receiver features a female USB input port that enables you to connect multiple devices to the same USB input port. Weighing in at just two pounds, the WMU99 is portability embodied and works well with any portable setup.
  • Compatible with computers, receivers, mixers and any device with a 1/8"" or 1/4"" input.
  • Constructed out of wire and durable ABS plastic.
  • USB receiver comes with built in female USB port to attach additional units.