Ubiquiti | UISP Dish PtP
Covers a wide operating
frequency range (5.15 - 6.875

Product #: UISP-DISH
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Weight: 24.9


    Point-to-point (PtP) dish antenna that covers a wide operating frequency range (5.15 - 6.875 GHz).

    The UISP® Dish is a high-gain PtP antenna that provides ample coverage by utilizing a wide operating frequency range. With the included WaveGuide adapter, this antenna can be easily attached to an airFiber® 5XHD Radio (AF 5XHD) or airMAX® Rocket Prism® AC 5 GHz Radio (RP 5AC) to amplify their signal. The UISP Dish also has a latch on each side for secure, snap-in radio connection. 


    • Frequency range: 5.15 - 6.875 GHz
    • 30+ km PtP link range
    • Precision mounting bracket for easy installation and alignment
    • Two side latches for secure, snap-in radio connection

    Notes: Compatible with the AF 5XHD and RP 5AC.
    Operation frequency may vary based on regional radio frequencies and regulations.

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