LIONBEAM | Adapter TVI/AHD To HDMI W/Looping

HDMI W/Looping

Product #: LB-TVI-HDMI
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Weight: 1.2


TVI to HDMI Converter is the simplest solution to view content from a TVI format security camera on an HDMI display. The TVI loop out features allows for the daisy chaining of converters to view content on multiple displays. With support for transmission distances up to 300 meters, this converter is a perfect for TVI video distribution networks, both large and small.
  • Convert TVI/AHD to HDMI, with 1xlooping TVI/AHD output
  • Support TVI/AHD 720P, 1080P input
  • Max output support HDMI 1080p@60Hz
  • Support transmission distance up to 300m over coaxial cable
  • With mounting ears