Ethernet Over Coax Active

Product #: LB-IOC02-M
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This Ethernet over Coax Converter is based on the latest IEEE P1910 technology, which transmits HD videos and high-speed signals and transfers IP HD network signals to 2KM in coaxial cable, twisted-pair two-core wire and telephone line. It has such advantages as long transmission range, high communication rate, multimedia service support and flexible networking, and is widely applied to the transformation and upgrading of original analog system into such projects as network HD, web camera video long-range extension and elevator monitoring transmission, etc. Cost is greatly reduced due to the omission of optical cable and optical transmission equipment. It is easy to install, doesnt need IP address, is apparent to users, and doesnt have any special installation requirement. It is very suitable for the alteration and extension projects in which cable cannot be newly added or cable is hard to be newly added.

  • ACTIVE EOC Converter IP Over Coax , Data Transmission Over Regular RG59 coaxial Cable
  • 1080P
  • Plug and play
  • Power Supply : DC 12V 1A
  • Power 15.4W Operating
  • Interface BNC interface, 1 RJ45 interface, 1
  • Transmission Rate maximum 100Mbps
  • Maximum Transmission Range : 2KM (In the case of a front end of a rear end)
  • Cable Type : coaxial line, twisted pair and telephone line
  • Quantity : 2 - 24 sets (a cable can be connected to 24 sets)