LIONBEAM | HDMI Extender 1X2
4K Cat 6 229FT IR Looping EDID

Product #: LB-HDMI-1X2PRO2
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Weight: 2.85


This product is a 1 input 2 outputs extender splitter kit, which integrates the functions of distribution and extension. It distributes 1 HDMI input signal to 2 identical signal outputs, extends these signals up to 230 Feet, and supports 4K60Hz resolution. It also supports bi-directional IR passback, RS-232 control and other functions. It is suitable for studios, multimedia classrooms, rail transit, etc.


Key Features:

1. Zero latency transmission.
2. Split and extend one HDMI input signal to two identical network output signals.
3. Support up to 4K@60Hz resolution.
4. Transmission distance up to 230 Feet by using Cat6/6A/7 cables.
5. Support bi-directional IR pass-back.
6. The transmitter supports HDMI loop out.
7. The receiver can output the digital audio of the TV or source device from the S/PDIF port.
8. Support EDID passthrough or manually set the EDID of the product.
9. Support RS-232 command control.
10. Surge Protection, Lightning Protection, ESD Protection.
11. Equipped with rack mount ears.