BES | Pulling Rod (12') Glow In The Dark 8X18"

BES | Pulling Rod (12') Glow
In The Dark 8X18"

Product #: GLF718
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The B.E.S. GLF718 Glow Fish kit contains 5/32"" glow in the dark push/pull rods that are made of lightweight non- conductive fiberglass. This kit has eight rods that are in 18-inch sections and can be screwed together to make longer lengths for fishing wire through existing walls, attics, across drop ceilings or hard to reach places. Wire pulling rods join together to a maximum length of 12-foot.
  • Non-Conductive Fiberglass Rods
  • Rods can be screwed together to make them longer
  • Perfect for fishing wire in existing walls, attics, or across drop ceilings
  • Compatible with a variety of attachments
  • Bullnose pulling tips included, other attachments sold separately
  • Makes fishing wire easy!
  • 1 Rod with Bullnose / Female ends
  • 7 Rods with Male / Female ends
  • 1 Wire Pulling Tip