ROSSLARE | Prox Reader UHF
Long Range Wiegand 26 Bit 40FT

Product #: AY-U920BT-US
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The AY-U920BT is a unique UHF-RFID credential reader with Rosslare BLE-ID™ credential read capability (for both iOS and Android). Installers can configure a wide range of operating parameters using our Rosslare BLE-Admin™ app. AY-U920BT brings a new level of convenience and productivity. The UHF read mode is ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2) compliant. The reader is suitable for outdoor use in a wide range of RFID applications such as access control, transport management, vehicle management, car parking, and production process control, and works with almost every third-party controller. Choose Rosslare for professional “Security that lasts”.


  • MD-81 functionality built in
  • Wide range of UHF credential form factors available
  • UHF read range up to 12 m (39 ft)
  • Supports Bluetooth communication for Rosslare
    BLE-ID™ smartphone apps for Android and iOS
  • Can read up to 10 credentials per second or down
    to 1 credential per second (programmable)
  • IP65 for indoor and outdoor use
  • RGB LED used for operational indication


  • Supports OSDP reader profile according to v2.1.7 standard from Security Industry Association (SIA)
  • Supports mobile Admin app for parameter configuration capability